2019 Dwarf Stars Award

My first pick for the SFPA’s Dwarf Stars Award (speculative poems under ten lines) and for the Rhysling Awards always seems to jump out at me. “Yep, that’s the one,” I think immediately after reading it.

This year’s Dwarf Stars Anthology is full of incredible poems, but here are two facts: (1) U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith is my favorite living poet. (2) Her breathtaking, mind-blowing poem “The Everlasting Self” was nominated for this year’s Dwarf Stars Award.

Okay, here’s important fact (3): Maria Popova of Brain Pickings (the source of last year’s long poem Rhysling Award winner “The Mushroom Hunters” by Neil Gaiman) identified “The Everlasting Self” in June as a “soulful meditation on the looping, haunting mystery of being.”


My first pick should be clear. 😀 📚🚀

Richard Leis @richardleis