February 2020 Night Worms Book Package Unpackaging

I cannot believe we’re almost halfway through the month already, but I’m finally into the February 2020 book package from Night Worms. The theme this month is “Horror Addiction” and the included novels and anthology are all horror related to addiction. Heavy stuff! I’m particularly squeamish when it comes to depictions of drug and other addictions, so this reading might be difficult for me, but I’ve jumped into Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror edited by Mark Matthews and I’m already greatly disturbed and amazed and moved by the writing.

The two novels are The Green Kangaroos by Jessica McHugh and All Smoke Rises by Mark Matthews. The descriptions on the back of each immediately grabbed my attention.

Wonderful goodies in this month’s package included a bookmark, sticker, refrigerator magnet (I finally have refrigerator magnets!), book recommendations, brief interviews, and a pouch of ground coffee. A lucky co-worker will get to enjoy “Red Velvet” from Bones Coffee, which, according to reviews from actual coffee drinkers, is delicious.

Richard Leis @richardleis